Curly Hair Sleep Cozy

CGM Curly Girls,

Its Like a pod for your curls 

It’s a lightweight, stretchy tube, like a Hair wrap, a hair scarf, a hair turban or a hair buff.

Shielding your curls against continuous rubbing on your pillow while you sleep, protecting your curls from morphing into frizz while you shower, and even blocking your hair from bad smells in the kitchen.

Wear it on movie marathons on the lounge to maintain your curly hair crown or even down to the café if you like. No judging here.

Embrace the Curly Hair Cozy and yes, you’ll look a little Smurf-like but the defined, in control, I’ve- got-awesome-curls results make it so worth it. 

This is a Curly Girl Method must have accessory, making your mornings an actual Curl delight. 

Curl coach says:

Ready to look buff?

1. Scrunch the cozy together and slide over your head till it sits under your chin
2. Flick your curls upside down
3. Carefully find the end and pull it up to its full length (there may be a Cat in the Hat moment here).
4. If your hair is longer than the cozy, you can tuck it in to protect the ends of your hair

To wake up to amazing curls:

1. Pull off your curl cozy
2. Flick your curls upside down
3. Shake out your roots using small zig-zag motions with your fingertips 
4. Scrunch the ends with damp hands for a final wake up curl call

You’re all geared up. Now get the FREE 30 day access to Curly hair training with your Yes Curl Coach

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Customer Reviews

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Rita Osborne

Curly Hair Sleep Cozy

Alison Penna
Great product!

Just give your curls a shake out in the morning and you’re good to go, with no frizz! Also has the added benefit of entertaining your family when they see you wearing it!!

Love this Alison!
My kids are definitely entertained plus now they wear them to bed and its definitely a quicker refresh in the morning when they do.

Rochelle W.
I found it a bit

I found it a bit loose, I did clip it but still moved abit, but on plus side my curls were protected :+1:

Hair sock ftw

How did I live/sleep without the hair sock. Waking up to frizz free hair with all the curls in tack feels amazing like something out of a movie :movie_camera:

Perfect Protection

Love this so much, makes my hair routine so much easier! Protects my curls perfectly x