Curl Hydration Glove

Ditch the towel for the insane technology in the Yes glove. 

We got a bit science-y here and combined fabric technology with incredible double sided design to bring you the first curl 

Active wear. 

As you’re scrunching in those juicy curls post-wash, the Yes Glove wicks away water whilst squeezing product back to the curls. Clever hey?

You can check out the inspiring story behind the glove here.

Curl coach says:

That Yes glove is doing great things for you! Fits/suits you/looks good on you

Ok, when you use it, keep your hand in the same spot and let the glove do its thing (attracting water not product).  Great! Hold for one, two, three and change. Work it baby! 

You’re all geared up. Now get training with your Yes Curl Coach

#CurlsMadeEasy with Yeshair Au

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Allira D.
Yes Glove

This has been great for getting out the last of the drips after a shower. Definitely keeps the frizz down

Emily N.
Makes a difference

I now always use this glove to scrunch through the product and remove water, I find it definitely makes a difference! Less frizz. Very happy with this purchase, the new glove is much better also.

Donna C.

The glove is incredible. My hair just holds onto water after a shower. This glove takes so much of that water out of my hair in no time at all. Would absolutely recommend this product.

Lisa Y.
Dries my hair quickly

So easy to dry my hair without any flyaways

Lynette K.

How can one glove make so much difference? I don't know, but it does. I've always used a muslin cloth. Never again. This is way to sciencey for me, but it stops my hair being crunchy, without taking away the hold. A must for me now.