September 07, 2021 2 min read

There are many reasons to gain an extra volume in your hair. It could lift a tired face that hasn't seen sleep in six years, it can scream "beauty" and it can turn heads of the women around you making them feel envy for what you have!

So, now is the time to use this magic potion and gain some more!

Why put it on if you’re not going to strut?  Christine Baranski

The only annoying kryptonite to Volume is “GRAVITY” and don’t we all know about that! So read below to put flat hair behind you and try out my top 3 tips today!

1-  Make your Curl clumps small

When you make your Curl clumps smaller you increase the amount of curls on your head! Resulting in bigger hair!!! This can be done either on wash day when your hair is wet, or on damp hair when you're refreshing!

Bonus: you will also find that your hair dries so much quicker too! As there are less bulky clumps that take forever to dry! YAY

2- Support those roots!

Lend your Curls a shoulder while they are wet/damp! 

When your hair is wet it becomes a lot heavier than when it is dry! So using root clips or combs while your hair dries will be all the support your Curls need. (We have a  sweet tutorial on Youtube about this if you need some pointers!)

3- Get the product right in there

I watch a lot, and by a lot I mean A LOT, of Curly hair tutorials.

One thing I regularly note is the fact that they often miss getting products near the roots. If you miss getting a light application on your roots you will find it hard to refresh and get sustained volume! Don't be afraid to work your Gel/Foam close to the scalp to help defy gravity!


That's right, it's time to shake it!

Flip that beautiful head of your over and put the pads of your fingertips on your scalp. Move them around the scalp doing small zig zags to shake up and fluff the roots! Some people like to put a little hairspray in at this moment to set the volume, but it's totally up to you!

NB: When you give your hair a good shake, you are likely to gain/enhance some frizz… don’t freak out! It will actually help your volume! So embrace it!

After these 4 steps you will be ready to throw on some lippy and hit the town. Remember “Natural looks good on you!” 

Love & Hydration 

Jo xx


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