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Thirsty Trio 1ltr Bundle

All 3 new products bundled together!!!



Meet Cruise Control:

Smooth, creamy, curls captured


Refresh and maintain slip through your fingers curls. 

Shea butter and botanicals replace moisture and fill gaps to seal in hydration for lasting strength and polish.


Meet POW:

Balance curl strength and flexibility. 

Aloe vera, eucalyptus and peppermint build curls from the base up. Then plant proteins and chamomile hydrate and seal outwards defining even the wildest of curls. 


Meet Drench & Quench:

The most hydration curls could ever want. 

Get whole curl health from the inside with Shea butter and coconut oils protecting from breakage and guar gum and jojoba extract creating softness and elasticity. Nurse coarse, dry curls back to whole health on the daily with no nasty build-up.

"Well, I always wanted to have as curly hair as I could possibly get, and I looked...went to heaps of haridressers. I actually was really happy ot have hairdressers do my hair all the time every week. It was very hard to find anyone that can do anything with curly hair, but I was reasonably happy with the people I've been going to for a few years." -Nerolie

Yes Hair Top Up

Yes Hair Top Up

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Yes Hair Accessories