Tis the season to shop 🛍️ early for Christmas 🎄 presents 🎁. Order by 10 Dec to avoid frizzy hair 👩‍🦱 & tears😭.

The Teaser - Introductory Deal

When swimming, some people like to run, jump, and dive in head first - but some of us, we like to dip our toes in to test the water before we jump right in. This Kit is for the latter.

A perfect starter size to get you up and running, with your back bar covered and your retail ready to sell!

Go on get your shoes off....


This Teaser Deal is updated to include our three new products: Drench & Quench Moisture Mask, Cruise Control Curl Cream and POW Strong Hold Gel.


Shipping is included at an additional cost.

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"Well, I always wanted to have as curly hair as I could possibly get, and I looked...went to heaps of haridressers. I actually was really happy ot have hairdressers do my hair all the time every week. It was very hard to find anyone that can do anything with curly hair, but I was reasonably happy with the people I've been going to for a few years." -Nerolie

Yes Hair Top Up

Yes Hair Top Up

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Yes Hair Accessories