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Sustainability at Yeshair 

Here at Yeshair Australia, we are proud to be certified organic, toxic-free, cruelty-free and vegan by Safe Cosmetics Australia.
These are only a handful of ways that reduce our environmental impact and we are always searching for more ways to improve. 
In our warehouse and office spaces, there are several things we do to minimise our impact on our planet:
  1. Use what we have! For our wholesale orders, we will reuse boxes and parcel cushioning from previous orders to pack and send (which is why you might find sealed-air pillows and scrunch plastic in your large box). This is also why some packages are sent with plastic tape. It is important to use what we already have rather than throw it out and contribute to landfill.
  2. We pack (most of) our parcels without plastic, and use all recyclable or recycled materials - these include cardboard boxes, paper tape, tissue paper and packing peanuts (which dissolve in water and can be thrown onto compost!) 
  3. We use safety pins and cardboard swing tags on our Glove and Cozy products - the cardboard can be recycled, and the pins can be reused. Our other products don’t have tags at all.
  4. Only printing what is necessary
  5. Using Earth-conscious brands of hygiene and cleaning products in our kitchen and bathroom
  6. Turning off our lights, air and computers when we leave the office each day