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Ditch the complicated, unrepeatable routines and hours of research trying to coax out you best curls. Learn simple and easy to follow routines unique to your curl type to build healthy, hyrdrated, defined curls.

Yes Curl Coach Ready to buddy-up and unlock your Curl Potential

Its time to get in the best Curl shape of your life? Learn our repeatable Curls Made Easy routine tailored to your curl type and really show-up for your curls, baby! Bring new meaning to wash day. Get volume and definition from roots to tips just like you get the salon.

  • GET THAT SALON LOOK, EVERYDAY -It dosen't to be once off occasion
  • SAVE TIME - Don't wash your hair everyday
  • SUPER SIMPLE: IT'S LOGICAL - Because no one wants confusing hair routines

Real People Real Results

How To Use


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5 x Gold curly hair Root Clips on card


Need to improve your VOLUME???

Feel like your roots never have the height you desire?

Befriend these clips and let them do the heavy lifting!

Best used:

  • Wash day (slide in at the roots to set Volume from day 1, apply to drenched wet hair and remove once dry)
  • Refresh sessions (mist your roots with water and slide these in to revive flat spots, slide out once dry)

Make sure you remember to take your clips out before you walk into work!! 

You've got the goods, baby! Now get training with your Yes Curl Coach



Access the Curl Coach
Tutorials and watch them all!
(You have to pass the time
somehow while you wait for the postie...)


Open the Kit and
take a before photo
Then it's time to hit
the shower


Follow the Curls Made Easy 4 Steps:
Cleanse, Hydrate, Style and Finish


Launch your beautiful self out the door
& soak up feeling great about curls!